Confessions of a Wallflower, Part 2

Happy Friday!!! :)

So by now everyone has probably noticed that I have changed all my social media pictures to ones from my portrait session on Wednesday! I cannot even begin to say thank you to my sister, who took them for me! It was an experience :)

My day of fun started with me having NOTHING to wear...the night before I totally thought, "hmmm...maybe I should pick out my outfit." But there were shows on the DVR to watch, and I figured it wouldn't be an issue! WRONG AGAIN!!!! Oh my word! I think I tried on everything in my closet, and nothing looked right...Funny enough, I had ZERO issue picking out my shoes! Salmon stilettos from White House Black Market that have a zipper in the back! And no...they don't resemble stripper shoes! :)

Anyhow, my sweet sister came and picked me up, and we headed to the mall. Surely in a place with hundreds of stores this girl could find a shirt to wear...yeah....not so much! My poor sister got to sit around as I tried on dress after dress, and top after top. And me complaining the whole time, and continuously saying, "this is why I hate coming to the mall." Halfway through this we decided to EAT! That was a good idea (as I stated before in my previous post)! It kept me from having a meltdown! Plus, Chipotle always puts me in a good mood! :)

We left the mall, went to several other stores, and I found ZERO...shocking, right? Finally in the last store we were in, I was desperate enough to walk by the kids section to see if there was anything there. The look on my sister's face when I suggested that was priceless! It was a combination of "are you kidding me?", " you can't possibly be serious!", and "how do I tell my adult sister no way in heck she can wear anything from that section without hurting her feelings." In my defense, wasn't like I was dress shopping or anything...I was looking for a flannel shirt or something. She seemed relieved when she heard that, but it was one of those moments in our relationship that I will always remember/treasure. We laughed like hyenas for several minutes over that one! :) I did find a shirt to wear, the last thing we saw...on the way out...obviously...and it came from the Juniors department :)

So here's what I came away from my session:

1. It is so important to be relaxed on your session day!

It should be a fun experience...not one of those "do I/we have to" things. My cousin reminded me of the disaster family pictures used to be for us when we were kids. For one, it took nothing short of a miracle to get my dad near a studio. As such, I think we have one "official" family picture of my dad's side of the family together that we took in a studio. All the rest of them have been taken with a tripod in someone's house, or at someone's wedding :)  My immediate family avoids taking pictures as much as possible. We take one family picture a year, and it's on Christmas Day sitting in front of presents. Even should hear the complaints! Hopefully, I can change that moving forward!  My cousin reminded me again how important it is for her to enjoy these moments with her little family, rather than stressing about the whole thing. I think if that first studio experience had been a good one, we have a wall full of pictures.

Bottom line: I got to spend an amazing day with my sister/best friend. We laughed, we ate, and when it came time to take pics, it was a fun experience! I will definitely do it again :)

2. Insecurity is real! For anyone! Photographer or not! 

If people only knew how paranoid I was to have my picture taken alone. Pictures of me in the last 10 years have always had someone else in them. That's been on purpose! Have someone else in the picture there isn't as much focus on you! Or so I have thought...We all have some issues with self esteem. No matter what others may think, or how well we hide it. It is up to each of us to get past that! My sister spent so much time telling me how pretty I was, and all I kept thinking was how fat my cheeks must look or how fat I looked from the side! When I looked at the pictures later, I realized that she was one would notice my chubby cheeks or my side profile. People noticed my smile :)

So for all the people that avoid having their pictures taken, or have avoided doing family pictures...take a lesson from me...schedule the session (with the right photographer of course!!!) :) You won't regret it! My stilettos and I had a great time! :)