Confessions of a Wallflower, Part 1

Morning Everyone :)

Yes! I apparently am one of those crazy people up at 2 AM working on my blog, website, marketing, etc., etc. Before anyone starts thinking I need to get a life, it's all for a good reason! :) 2015 is penned to be a year of big changes for me professionally, and I couldn't be more excited!!!

In the spirit of change, my main goal has been to make changes/updates to everything. No problem! I have been knocking everything out with ease! Then all of a sudden I realized that I should probably have a picture of me on a lot of this stuff. No big deal, right? I mean, I am a photographer, so surely I have TONS of pictures of me, right? Uhhh....WRONG!!! Apparently in the last 5 years, I haven't had a picture of myself alone that I actually approved! :) So now the fun begins...

Confession #1: I actually consider myself a shy person. How is that even possible for a photographer??

Simple....I am ALWAYS the one taking the pictures!! :) I have spent years and years taking pictures of others. Trying to teach them how to relax in front of the camera, and now this week it is my turn! So now I have to take my own advice, and put into practice tips I give my clients....

Here are a few things that make for a successful portrait session in my mind:

1. EAT before your session - hungry people are grumpy people (well at least I am), and grumpy people DO NOT have awesome portrait sessions.

2. Show up on time - we, photographers create works of art, and that takes time. Plus, we are constantly batting the clock to be able to create those perfect pictures during "Golden Hour."

3. If you are a shy person, take someone with you who makes you laugh - Some of my favorite pictures I have taken over the years of people are of them laughing and joking. Nothing posed...just life as it happens. My sister knows me better than anyone, and she can make me laugh like no other :) I know that I am guaranteed awesome pictures because of this!

4. For parents with small kids, don't panic if your kid gets dirty in the first 5 mins of your session! It will be ok! I promise! :) Lifestyle photography is all about capturing life as it happens....

5. Just remember that most likely some of these pictures are going to end up in frames, and on someone's fridge! So SMILE :)

So on Wednesday, my stilettos and I will be having our picture made...we will see what they have to say after! Wish us luck! Lol! :)