10 Tips for Finding THE DRESS!!!

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Dear Future Bride

Congratulations on getting engaged! I'm so excited that you have found your Prince Charming!  Today, I thought I would write a post just for you!  Tips on how to pick your dream wedding dress! 

When I was younger, I had this diary where I had cut out pictures of my dream dresses, and I figured I would just walk into a bridal boutique and pick one. When I got engaged, and started looking for a wedding dress, I realized how WRONG I was! My dream dress made me look like I belonged on top of a cake, and the dress I thought looked too girly was the dress I ended up picking. 

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Over the years, I have been there with so many different brides as they have chosen their dresses, and all of those experiences have had a few things in common. So here are a few tips...

  1. I have found that if you get an earlier appointment during the week, the bridal boutique will most likely be less crowded, and your consultant can usually devote more attention to you. Nothing annoys me more than having to navigate around tons of brides looking for a dress, potentially having to wait to try on the dress I want, and feeling rushed. Weekends are the worst! 
  2. Wedding magazines, Pinterest, Instagram are awesome places to start looking for ideas for your dress. But do not view them as the bible to finding your dress! I cannot tell you how many brides have been disappointed because their dream dress they saw on Pinterest looked horrible on them! Make sure you pick a gown that will flatter your body type! Your bridal consultant can help you establish styles that will be the most flattering.
  3. Do not take an army to try on dresses for the first time! Going to look at dresses for the first time can be so overwhelming, and if you have too many opinions all at once, it may be difficult for you to decide on a style that you like. 
  4. Check with the bridal boutique before you go there to see if they allow photography. If they do, have someone take pictures of you in the dresses you like, so that you can review them later. 
  5. Try on as many dresses as you can during your first couple appointments. I have only seen a few brides find their dress in the first appointment or two. Nothing wrong with exploring your options! 
  6. DO NOT WORRY ABOUT WHAT SIZE DRESS YOU WEAR! The most important thing is how the dress looks on you, and how it makes you feel!  No one is going to be checking out the tag in the back of your dress to see what size you wear! I was probably the worst bride ever because when they told me what size dress I should be wearing I about had a heart attack! I cried! It was 3 sizes larger than I normally wear! But then the consultant explained that because I have a large bust I would need a larger size, and then my gown would be altered to fit me. No one had told me any of this before! So just find the dress! Don't worry about the size!! 
  7. DO NOT BUY A WAY SMALLER SIZE with the thought that you will lose a lot of weight before your wedding! When your consultant recommends a size your should purchase, listen to them! You can take a dress in, but adding additional fabric to a dress is usually not feasible. 
  8. Keep in mind that you will be wearing your dress all day long! A dress that feels heavy when you first put it on is going to feel like a 1,000 pounds by the end of the day! Make sure you find something that you can dance in, sit down with it, walk around in it,  and will be comfortable wearing all day.
  9. Set a budget before you go shopping and stick with it! One of the things that most brides think is that if their budget isn't super high, they won't be able to get the dress of their dreams! WRONG! Most designers know that every bride cannot afford a $15,000 dress, so they have created collections that suit every budget. Also, make sure when you consider your dress budget, do not forget to factor in alteration costs. Also, READ THE FINE PRINT of your contract when you purchase your dress! Usually, all sales are final! 
  10. HAVE FUN!!! Finding your dream dress is such an important part of the wedding process. Do not forget to enjoy it! 



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