The love of a mother

Happy Monday Everyone!

I hope all you moms out there had an AMAZING Mother's Day! 

Last year on Mother's Day, as I do every year,  I called and texted several special ladies, (including my own mother of course), to say Happy Mother's Day, and to thank them for all they have done for me in my life. I loved making sure that these women realize how special they are, and how valuable their help and counsel has been to me over the years. Then later on that week, I read a post written by my sweet friend Sarah, about her feelings that Mother's Day..and let me tell broke my heart! Made me cry like no other...and even now reading it a year later, it still brings tears to my eyes. So what did she write about that made me cry?? She wrote about having 2 miscarriages...

Here is a short excerpt from her blog...WARNING: Get your tissues BEFORE you read! 

“Nearly eight months ago, we found out we were expecting a much-anticipated baby. Too excited to keep the news to ourselves, we immediately told our family and closest friends. Our joy was met with sorrow, however, when four days later, we lost the baby in an early miscarriage. I’ve known many difficult experiences in my very blessed life, as most people have, but nothing prepared me for the pain the next weeks brought. But with time and prayer comes healing. As we began to heal, we decided to try again right away for another little babe. And the next month, we were blessed with a second little miracle! This time our joy was interwoven with fear, which probably eased the pain when we lost the second baby a few days later. 

I share this story because the best healing for me came through talking about the pain... in prayer, in the arms of my husband, on the phone with my mama as many tears were shed, and with lots of help from my dear friends. As I talked through the hurt, I realized that there are so many women out there who have shared my experience, who have lost babies that no one even knew they were carrying. Those women are mamas, even if they have never been able to see, touch, or kiss their own child. Miscarriage isn’t talked about much, but hearing stories of other women who have experienced it and have made it through the difficult days has helped me in inexplicable ways to heal. I hope that my story can do the same for other mamas out there who have babies they will never be able to hold in their arms. 

God has not yet blessed us with another baby, but we are hopeful that we will one day have the chance to bring our own child into the world. Until then, we have embraced this time to grow in so many ways before we become parents. We are trying to live with intention each day, without wishing these days away with impatience as we wait for our chance to raise babies.

— Sarah Lepak

Ok, PUT THE TISSUES away now :) This story continues with MUCH happier tones! I promise :) This year on Mother's Day I got to add a new member to the list of ladies that I wished for Mother's Day, and when I wrote her name, it brought the BIGGEST smile to my face! As I hit send on that text message, I said a little prayer for her "angel babies (as she calls them)," and all the other moms that have "angel babies" as well. While they may not be present here with us, they are just as loved as the ones that are here. 

I think it was very brave of Sarah to write the blog post that she did. Goodness knows I would definitely not have been as brave as she was. Reading the responses of so many who understood and sympathized made me realize how important it is to share our stories, especially if they can help someone heal. That's the power of human connection and compassion...

I have no words for how much I admire how Sarah and her husband, Garrett, handled this trying experience. If you knew them like I do, you would agree that the idea of those two hurting in any way just makes one sick to their stomach. They clung to each other, and more importantly they were very close to God during this experience. Their faith was and is something to admire.  

Two weeks ago, I had the privilege of holding their little boy, Samson, in my arms. I have no words for the amount of gratitude I felt in my heart when Sarah put him in my arms. More than that, it was a very big reminder to me of how important it is to allow God to work; to have faith even when we think we have gone as far as we can. Watching Sarah and Garrett interact with Samson was nothing short of amazing. This new little addition has made them a family; Sarah gets to be the amazing mom we all knew she would be (and Garrett of course is an awesome dad! We can't leave him out of this! lol! ), and at last all of us have a new nephew to love and spoil :) 

Can't wait to see where the next portion of this journey takes this very special couple! I love y'all beyond words or measure! 

Below are some of my favorites from our newborn session together.