Happy Holidays to you and yours!!

With all the craziness of the holidays, it's so easy to forget about blogging! So many parties to go, shopping trips to complete, and food to eat! LOL! 

I just wanted to take one moment to say Happy Holidays from Stephanie Indranee Photography!  Here is a very quick peek into what the holidays look like in my family. My mother spends HOURS and HOURS decorating their home, to make sure that when all us kids walk in the door, that it feels like Christmas! 

We are a Sri Lankan family. We LOVE LOVE LOVE to eat! So the deal I make with everyone in the family is that we do all family pictures BEFORE we sit down to eat brunch! It is INSANE how much food we end up making! Pretty sure we could feed a small army for days! 

May 2015 bring you joy and happiness!