Cake Smash Session Tips and Tricks

Happy Monday Y'all! 

Last week I went home to California to visit my family. One of my nieces will be celebrating her first birthday next month, and since I won't be there to celebrate, I wanted to do something special for her! Her mother and I decided that we would do a cake smash session for her, and we were soooo excited! 

As a family photographer, this definitely wasn't my first cake smash session, although this was the first time that the cake would be homemade, rather than store bought!

Here are a few tips and tricks we learned from our session :) 

Tip #1: Go to youtube, and watch how to make the giant cupcake before you do anything else!  

I am a big fan of Wilton Baking Products, and this was the best video I found to explain the process:

Tip #2: Buy your ingredients and make your cake! 

We used this pan:

We totally cheated and bought box cake mix, and pre-made icing! Don't forget fun stuff to decorate! We bought sprinkles! 

Tip #3: When icing your cupcake, piping bag, and use a cake turntable! 

It makes things so much easier! We didn't have either of those things, and our icing turned out a little uneven. 

Also, for parents that are concerned about their little one having too much sugar, go with the sugar free icing. 

Cake Smash Session | Wilton Giant Cupcake Pan | First Birthday | Atlanta Marietta Family Photographer
Giant Cupcake | Cake Smash Session | Atlanta Marietta Family Photographer | First Birthday

Tip #4: Find a clean space with good light for your session! 

I am a natural light photographer, so I prefer to photograph all my sessions outdoors, but the weather wasn't cooperating with us, so we found a great space in the dining room for our session! 

If you end up doing your session outside, I recommend putting down a sheet to narrow the room for mess! Lol! 

First Birthday | Cake Smash Session | Wilton Giant Cupcake Pan | Marietta Family Photographer

Tip #5: Let your little one nap before your session! 

When my niece went down for a nap, it made it so much easier to finish decorating the giant cupcake, and setting up the area we planned on using. Plus, they have so much more fun when they arent tired!! 

Here are a few pics we managed to take outside before our cake smash session:

Tip #6: They will be only be 1 once! Grab your little one, and let them have fun!!! 

Enjoy the leftovers!!! 

Wilton Giant Cupcake | Cake Smash Session | Marietta Child Photographer
Wilton Giant Cupcake | Cake Smash Session | Marietta Child Photographer