A Day at Circle T Ranch

Any time I get to leave the city for a little bit of "country air", I am ALWAYS excited! See I am pretty much a country girl in a city girl's body! Lol! Well at least that is what I tell myself! Yesterday, I had the privilege of spending the afternoon with the Trotter family. 

Meet Dennis and Anita! They are the proud owners of gorgeous ranch!  They are the proud parents of twin boys, Matt and Jamie.

 Over the last few years, their family has grown quite a bit to include two daughter-in-laws (Krystal and Nicole), and two grandchildren as well (Seaton and Jace)! Krystal is one of my dearest friends. This girl has the ability to take your worst day and cheer you up with just a smile, and a few sentences in that Michigan accent of hers!  I was honored to take their engagement pictures, their wedding pictures, and now all their family pictures! 

Part of the magic of my job is to be able to capture moments that happen in a split second, but the memories last a lifetime...the boys were playing on the hay bales, and we asked them to put their arms around each other...here is the result ;) Jace was having none of that! 

The amazing family picture that we created together! 

Fun candid moments

One of the things that I have always been inspired by, is the bond that keeps this family together. Not only are they blood, but they are friends too. One of the favorite things the boys and their dad do together is hunt! So, we had to make sure we got a camo picture in before our session ended! Next year, will add the little munchkins too, but they were all tired out! 


Thank you Trotter Family for once again trusting me with your special moments! I am forever thankful!