Meet Holly...and the Humans that love her!

Happy New Year Everyone! 

My first session of the New Year was with the Schuetz Family who came to visit from Indiana. I guess you could say we are kinda related...Rachel's sister married my cousin, but then again our families have been friends for over 100 years, so at this point we all just claim that we are cousins! 

I made it a point to take 2 weeks off at Christmas since my holiday season had been so busy, but when Rachel said she wanted family pictures, I had to make an exception! Plus, they brought along their 8 week old puppy, Holly, and how can you say no to a little face like hers?? 

East Cobb Park | Marietta, GA | Family Photography

Kent and Rachel's kids have so much personality, and they had me laughing the whole time. Sebastian told me all about recess at school, and Morgan is an aspiring photographer...she is apparently the selfie-queen of the family! These kids are just so adorable that you just want to hug and squeeze them all the time! 

East Cobb Park | Family Pictures
East Cobb Park | Family Photography
East Cobb Park | Family Photography

Some of my favorite pictures of any family portrait sessions, are the ones where each kid gets their pictures taken with each parent. For a few moments, they get to pretend they are an only child, and get to monopolize that parent's attention for a few minutes! 

East Cobb Park | Family Photographer
Marietta, GA | Family Photographer

This image right here....OMG! Just gets me in the heart! Very easily one of my favorite pictures I have ever taken! Sebastian was very cold, and just love the way that he got his mama to warm him up! I truly believe there is nothing quite like a mother's love! 

East Cobb Park | Family Photographer

There would be no family pictures, if two people hadn't fallen in love!

Marietta, GA | Wedding Photography

The gang is all here .... :) 

Fun Family Photography | Atlanta, GA
East Cobb Park | Family Photographer

Many thanks to the Scheutz family for trusting me to capture their adorable family! Make this week a great one! 

XOXO, Steph