Message from my where you step!

Last week I had the honor and privilege of photographing a maternity session for a couple who is VERY special to my family and I! Garrett, is my brother's best friend and Sarah is his amazing wife, who is madly in love with her husband, and tolerates my brother and his antics out of necessity :) LOL!

When Sarah asked me to take their maternity pictures, I happily said yes! We shared ideas back and forth via a secret Pinterest board (gotta love those), and I couldn't wait to get down there! Little did I realize the butterflies that I would have in my stomach as I drove down to Bluffton at idea why I had butterflies...not like it was the first session I had ever done! Lol! But I think it was because of how much these two mean to me, and knowing the journey they have been on to have a little made me scared that I might let them down in some way....

Sarah had mentioned she wanted a lifestyle session...easy enough, right? Uhhh...not as easy as it sounds :P We started our session off in the kitchen with the two of them relaxing with one another drinking coffee, and their cute dog Katie. The hilarious part was Garrett asking what he was supposed to do, was he allowed to talk, and how come a lifestyle session is technically not supposed to be posed, but it kinda is.... Sarah and I kept telling him what he needed to do! :) We laughed and laughed about this! He is right!

Next we headed upstairs to Baby Lepak's room. It is such a cute room, and I can totally see the little guy loving for years and years to come. As I was sitting on the floor taking pictures, I had to take a minute to notice all the cute little details that have been added for the little man. There was Sarah's little chair, Garrett's monkey, the new wagon Sarah's mama bought her grandson, and the collection of books anxiously waiting to be read to the new little one :) Garrett insisted on actually reading his favorite book, Curious George, and I thought it was so cute he wanted to reminisce about his childhood....Imagine my surprise when Sarah tells me that Garrett got the book for his 12th birthday!! :P

So as Sarah and I were trying to figure out what we wanted next, I asked Garrett if there were any pictures he absolutely had to my surprise, he said YES! :) He said he wanted a picture of them with the dog, the cat, and the chickens. read that right...he wanted to make sure the chickens got some recognition in this whole process as well :) I totally laughed thinking he was no..the minute I said sure to the idea, he ran downstairs to get food to bribe the chickens, and patiently waited for Sarah and I to join him in the chicken coup. As he ran off, I looked down at my feet and realized I had a brand new pair of stilettos that had never been worn till that day, and I thought..."yeah.. you're a wear boots to all your other sessions, and today, you wear new stilettos...."

For those of you that have never taken maternity pics in a chicken's a bit of advice: WATCH WHERE YOU STEP!!! And think twice before you wear open toed shoes...Free entertainment was poor Garrett cleaning my shoes after (thankfully nothing touched my toes), but I have to say...these pictures are some of my favorites from our session :)

To finish off our session we went to downtown Bluffton to take some pictures by the water. Most people who know me understand that while I am an emotional person, I am by NO means one that cries easily. I am more likely to cry in private, or pretend like I am not crying if people are around... But I can't lie...I did shed a tear as I was taking these is so rare to see a love like theirs...Knowing the struggles that they once faced to have a baby, and now to see how anxious and excited they are to meet their little man. I just couldn't help but think that in a few weeks there will be this little life that will take them on their next adventure! And I just stood there thinking how honored I was to have a small part in that...

As a photographer sometimes you get so caught up in your sessions or weddings, and you forget that it's important to take a moment to just breathe and take in what an amazing privilege it is to do what you do. I hope I never take that for granted <3 Steph